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All water treatment systems are not created equal. The Oceanus Series water treatment systems were designed from the ground up to be high-value, code-worthy and highly efficient. The systems are designed and installed to comply with plumbing codes. (Installation will vary based upon local plumbing codes.)

The whole house systems automatically adjust to your changing water usage, without reprogramming. They also utilize high flow rates to ensure you get maximum water volume for your home.

Healthy Home System

A water conditioner is an alternative to a softener. They use different techniques to 'alter' the behavior of the water without removing the hardness. A conditioning system often can help with the prevention of scale buildup. ...

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Water Softener System

A water softener is a system that reduces the hardness in the water to less than 1 Grain per gallon (GPG). A softener uses salt to help achieve this goal. ...

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Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis is the most effective system for producing clean purified water. It removes more chemicals than any other process of filtration, even more than water distillation. Water passed through the semipermeable membrane used in reverse osmosis is almost totally free of contaminants. Reverse osmosis systems ...

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Instant Hot Water Dispensers

Instant Hot Water Dispensers save time and add elegance to the kitchen. Near-boiling water at your fingertips — perfect for tea, coffee and other hot beverages. Instant Hot Water can be used to jump start cooking with already hot water. It is great for drinking, cooking and cleaning. Consider how often you heat ...

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Chloramine Solutions

What is Chloramine? Chloramine is a common addition to water by water districts to help treat the water. Is often used as a secondary disinfectant to help prevent the growth of bacteria in the water supply. Chloramine as a lower tendency than free chlorine to convert materials into chlorocarbon compounds ...

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